Day of surgery

I’m sitting in my room after surgery unable to properly use either arm, one plastered and the other with needles in. I can still use one finger to type ( the positive in this situation).

Going to have to start being more positive, looking for the good in every situation. I have already started looking for good in every situation instead of the bad.
Even a rainbow comes from the good and bad of the weather ( sunshine and rain).
Tomorrow will be day 1 of recovery from surgery and for positive thinking. I’m aware this won’t be easy so will start with 1 positive thing a day


My road to self-acceptance

How can you expect others to love you when you don’t love yourself?

When you feel like your bodies failed you and you are a burden.

How to accept ourselves in a world that sets goals that are unobtainable.

How do we learn to love ourselves as we are with faults (disabilities and inadequacies)?

These are questions I ask myself all the time !

We compare ourselves to others when we only see the parts of their lives they want us to say. I now have spent my life hiding parts of me from the world around me. It starts with the little things and then continues to our lives.

My road to self acceptance starts here! It’s time to be a phoenix raising from the ashes of my life as it was and accept my limits and my struggles, not only do I have fibromyalgia but I broke my arm and now have limited use of it and it is constantly in pain. I am about to have surgery on my arm which should help with the pain but not with the movement.  Knowing that this surgery will cause more pain to start with and will cause a fibro flare (a worsening of symptoms), so not only do I need to recover from the surgery I have to recover from the flare up of symptoms.  I already feel helpless enough I think to ask the help so many daily activities of which the list is about to get longer because of the surgery and recovery.

I struggle daily with simple tasks like opening a bottle of water, peeling vegetables, opening jars. I know the surgery will mean I need help again simple things like dressing, washing my hair, tying my shoes and even cutting my feed. Since my diagnosis with fibro I have struggled to gain as much independence as I can get cross and annoyed when I can’t achieve something. I know it must be frustrating for my friends and family to watch me struggle to achieve something when they can do it much quicker and easier than I am able to do, but sometimes I just need to be able to say I did it, I need to achieve something that day.

I feel like I have lost my identity I need to take time to re assess my life and what I want and where I’m going!!!!