Pain Medication V Pain Killers

The words pain killers give the world the wrong impression. I may be taking this medication every day but I’m still in pain. The medication does not kill the pain it takes the edge off and makes it slightly more manageable so I can do something with my day. If I didn’t take the medication I would not have a life.

I live each and everyday in pain. Reading this may make some people uncomfortable knowing this fact but its the truth. I struggle in pain everyday taking pain medication doesn’t make me a drug addict. I’m not taking them to get high, I’m taking them so I can function and have some sort of life.

I struggle with the simplest of tasks and may need help, this requires me to get over the embarrassment of asking for help so please don’t then question why I cant do that or make a joke of it (as this can be very upsetting).




One thought on “Pain Medication V Pain Killers

  1. This is a great way to state it as pain medication vs pain killer!

    It’s the pain that kills, and the medication is our armor.

    People who don’t need them think we get a pleasurable high from our meds – don’t I wish! Just because these pills might make recreational users high, doesn’t mean they work that way for us.

    When people who don’t have pain take these pills, they get high because they don’t have bodily pain that “uses up” the opioid. But because we have a lot of pain, our bodies use up all the opioids in the pills just to lower the pain and that leaves no extra that would make us high (for a more detailed explanation, see

    I hope you can manage to keep your pain under control so it doesn’t become overwhelming. At least the surgical wounds will eventually heal, but that darn Fibro pain never seems to quit.


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