Moving Home

This wasn’t the post is was planning but I’m in the process of moving.
Moving home can be stressful without chronic illness. My move has provided to be very stressful with countless phone-calls from numerous people. Part of Fibromyalgia is what’s commonly known as ‘fibro fog’ which effects cognitive function( making decisions, remembering information ect. As you can imagine the more phone-calls the more stress and impaired cognitive function.
As well as the planning there is the packing of which I’m having to pace myself.

My Room is currently covered in piles of clothes that I’m sorting but by the time I have worked out what fits and what I need out as the weather keep changing I have no energy to pack them.

I also have no idea where I’m going when I move but not thinking about that as the stress will only make things worse.

I need to remember : PACE MYSELF, DON’T STRESS and all should be good


I’m Fine

I’m fine is what we say when we really don’t what to explain how we really feel. When we don’t want to be seen as moaning about how we feel. People are sympathetic at the start but after a while they loss interest because your not getting better. If you do have a few good day people will assume that your getting better but that’s all it is a few good days, we do get them sometimes.
Fibromyalgia is a life long conditions and the symptoms constantly change from day to day or even hour to hour.

Do we say “I’m fine” because we fear what others will like of us ?

What if they think we are weak or moaning! What if they get feed up with hearing about our illness. Do we think they might not want to hear that this maybe as good as it gets for now.

Maybe I’m fine is easier that I’m having a hard time I’m not sure how I’m going to continue this way. it may be we don’t want them to feel bad for being well.

How many time a day do you say these words”I’m fine” when you say them take a moment to make a not of what you really mean you will be surprised what your really thinking