Learning to love yourself 

It’s hard when you have depression to like yourself let alone love yourself i hear you say. I agree which is why we have to start small. 

What a difference a few weeks can make. 

I have had a few more good days than bad. The anxiety is still there, the voices in my head telling me I’m worthless are still there, still telling me that I’m not good. 

I have started councilling which is starting to help but it means revisiting events in my past that have caused much pain in the past and I had pushed to the back of my memory in the hope of I forgot about them they would go away. They don’t and they have a knock on effect on how we deal with current problems.

I read something today it said ‘ Living with Anxiety  is like being followed by a voice. That knows all your insecurities and uses them against you. It gets to the point that it’s the loudest voice in the room. It’s the only one you can hear’. This is a really great explanation!!!


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