A positive outlook

Its been a hard few weeks but I am having to change my outlook on life !

I have stopped asking why are there people treating me this way and started to ask myself What can I learn from the way i’m being treated.

I cant change the way these people are being but I can change the way I react to the treatment.

I have made a decision that this is a new chapter of my life and I am done with feeling sorry for myself. That’s not to say i’m not going to have bad days (because i’m sure I will, but i’m not going to get stuck in the poor me mind set).

I’m still finding life hard and taking one day at a time.

I read this today and agree wholeheartedly:

The brave may not live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all. – Ashley L.

So with each new day I will get stronger in some way.


Fear of failing

When we think of doing something new does the fear of failing stop us from taking that first step to a new life or experience.

We stop our self’s from making choices because of fear. But what is it we fear ???

Do we fear that things will not go the way we want or that they will.

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address. Franklin D. Roosevelt had campaigned against Herbert Hoover in the 1932 presidential election by saying as little as possible about what he might do if elected. http://historymatters.gmu.edu/d/5057/

How very true but it keeps us stuck where we are because of the fear.

FEAR has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘ Face Everything And Rise’ The choice is ours and ours alone.

We fear going to the doctor when we are ill because of the diagnosis then we fear the diagnosis when we get it. We live in fear instead of living in acceptance. when we accept we can move forward and not stay stuck.