A positive outlook

Its been a hard few weeks but I am having to change my outlook on life !

I have stopped asking why are there people treating me this way and started to ask myself What can I learn from the way i’m being treated.

I cant change the way these people are being but I can change the way I react to the treatment.

I have made a decision that this is a new chapter of my life and I am done with feeling sorry for myself. That’s not to say i’m not going to have bad days (because i’m sure I will, but i’m not going to get stuck in the poor me mind set).

I’m still finding life hard and taking one day at a time.

I read this today and agree wholeheartedly:

The brave may not live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all. – Ashley L.

So with each new day I will get stronger in some way.


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