Holiday recovery

2″After being away for 11 days I’m feeling a little worn out, recovery time begins. I need to make sure I take the time I need to heal and get back to 100%. This has been made much better by my new diet and clean eating.

Need to have a few slow days except my dog is unwell. He is stressed and his epilepsy is playing up.

I’m trying to grow as a person so today’s quote is ” I do something new or at least different every day”.

I will be back in a few days

Onward and upwards !!!!!!!!!!!


Onward and upwards

May is here its the start of a new month and I am focusing on personal development. My new books have arrived and I’m getting to work.

I have been on and listening to Tony Robbins a very positive man, also listen and watching Lisa Nichols. I have stopped watching the news, watching pointless TV programs and am putting that time in to growing not just existing.

I’m done with just getting through each day, I’m going to make each day count. I’m going to keep moving forward because no matter what is in the past I’m not living there anymore.

Onward and upwards it is !!!!