A blast from the past

I remember all many years ago being told I have fibromyalgia being handed a leaflet and sent on my way. Still not sure what they were saying I had. Although after years of not knowing what it was I know had a name a lable for it.
They started me on pain medication and I had side effect to which they gave me other medication. I remember thinking there has got to be another way but pain consumed my life and I took the pills and had to keep increasing them.
I started to consider the though that food can heal me.

I had let myself become my disease I spent all my time looking up a and reading about symptoms that I could see nothing else in my life. I started slowly doing a few steps on the treadmill as I didn’t then have to work out the half way point to insure I could get home and each time did a little more and with the encouragement of my now ex started eating better and doing more exercise.
I have more recently battle and for the most part won my battle with depression, anxiety and panic attacks to which they wanted to give me yet more medication I have very bad side effects these were some of the worst days of my life but again my thoughts wandered to can food heal me ? Can I improve my health by what I put into it ?

I start to consider that this is a continuous process and I had been well and the hit road bumps and lost sight of what made me and keeps me well. I need to keep up with my list of things that keep me well.


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