My journey on the Rainbow Path



Firstly a little about me my name is Sarah and  I am 45 I am dyslexic (sorry now for bad spelling and punctuation), I have fibromyalgia which was diagnosed 15 years ago. Nearly two years ago I fell a broke my arm it had to be plated. This along with the fibromyalgia has been life changing. I have been left without complete use of my right arm (yes I’m right handed) which makes most things hard work.

I wanted to share my journey as I’m sure I’m not alone in my struggles. I have good days and I have bad ones just my bad days can take a few days to recover from. Someone once said to me ‘you don’t get it till you get it’. I think living with fibromyalgia or any hidden disability it hard and most people don’t understand it because they have nothing to compare it too.

Despite all my issues I am currently doing a degree course in psychology. This is hard work but I’m determined to carry on regardless.


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  1. Hi
    have you tried to treat your problems as a histamine overload? I had very similar symptoms and have had great success. Your symptoms look a lot like histamine problems and its also implicated in mental health issues, anxiety, claustrophobia, and depression.
    Treatment is a diet in low histamine foods, eliminating histamine trigger foods, and taking antihistamine tablets and vitamin c. No down side to trying it.


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