In it for the long haul

If we only focus on our destination the end will always seems a long way off. Stepping stones are what gets us to where we are going. Rewards are good for the soul. Breaking things down into manageable targets and rewarding yourself for achieving them keeps you on track.

If your only focus is the destination ( whatever that is) will make you feel like you will never achieve it.

Small achievable targets will keep you on track. People rarely FAIL they simply stop trying. Learning is a step by step process. We often get distracted and don’t take the next step, we need to keep moving forward to achieve your goals.


The Universe at work

Sometime the universe steps in to help you just have to listen. For me it has been a picture of a book and a bagel on a Facebook group that lend to a conversation to make me sit up and take notice. All I have had to do is change my mind set!!

You have to set the intention for your life and stop letting life happen to you. I do this now by changing my view of my life and each day. I used to wake up and think this is another day ‘I HAVE TO GET THROUGH’. I now get up and open my journal and put the date and write ‘TODAY IS A GOOD DAY’ i have then set my intention for the day.

At the end of the day I write in my journal my gratitude’s for that day because even if the day had not been all good there is always something good in every day.