More trials and tribulations

So I currently have a suspected fractured ankle. Getting around is hard cant use the crutches as arm is still a problem.

Currently feel like i’m spiraling out of control when I think I have hit rock bottom I just keep falling. My support network if fast failing apart and not sure how to get more support or where to start.

Today after a bad few days emotionally. I am off to my hospital appointment for my ankle. I’m feed up already and its only been two weeks.


Entering Year 2

I have been through so much in the past 18 months, its now 1 year since i spoke to 2 of my children. For what ever reason ( and only they Know what it is) they seem to have been unable to cope with my depression, anxiety and panic attacks. I don’t hold any anger toward them but have had to except the apology that i will never receive and more forward with my life.

I started year 2 with a visit to London and went to Tower Bridge and walked and laid on the glass floor. This is an amazing achievement that my ex helped me to accomplish. This was the amazing view down onto the bridge.



Holiday recovery

2″After being away for 11 days I’m feeling a little worn out, recovery time begins. I need to make sure I take the time I need to heal and get back to 100%. This has been made much better by my new diet and clean eating.

Need to have a few slow days except my dog is unwell. He is stressed and his epilepsy is playing up.

I’m trying to grow as a person so today’s quote is ” I do something new or at least different every day”.

I will be back in a few days

Onward and upwards !!!!!!!!!!!

Onward and upwards

May is here its the start of a new month and I am focusing on personal development. My new books have arrived and I’m getting to work.

I have been on and listening to Tony Robbins a very positive man, also listen and watching Lisa Nichols. I have stopped watching the news, watching pointless TV programs and am putting that time in to growing not just existing.

I’m done with just getting through each day, I’m going to make each day count. I’m going to keep moving forward because no matter what is in the past I’m not living there anymore.

Onward and upwards it is !!!!

A positive outlook

Its been a hard few weeks but I am having to change my outlook on life !

I have stopped asking why are there people treating me this way and started to ask myself What can I learn from the way i’m being treated.

I cant change the way these people are being but I can change the way I react to the treatment.

I have made a decision that this is a new chapter of my life and I am done with feeling sorry for myself. That’s not to say i’m not going to have bad days (because i’m sure I will, but i’m not going to get stuck in the poor me mind set).

I’m still finding life hard and taking one day at a time.

I read this today and agree wholeheartedly:

The brave may not live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all. – Ashley L.

So with each new day I will get stronger in some way.

Fear of failing

When we think of doing something new does the fear of failing stop us from taking that first step to a new life or experience.

We stop our self’s from making choices because of fear. But what is it we fear ???

Do we fear that things will not go the way we want or that they will.

“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”: FDR’s First Inaugural Address. Franklin D. Roosevelt had campaigned against Herbert Hoover in the 1932 presidential election by saying as little as possible about what he might do if elected.

How very true but it keeps us stuck where we are because of the fear.

FEAR has two meanings: ‘Forget Everything And Run’ or ‘ Face Everything And Rise’ The choice is ours and ours alone.

We fear going to the doctor when we are ill because of the diagnosis then we fear the diagnosis when we get it. We live in fear instead of living in acceptance. when we accept we can move forward and not stay stuck.

Life goes on

I haven’t posted for a while and sorry for that but I had not relised just how long it had been. Life just seems to move on and before you know it days, weeks have passed and unless you keep track nothing gets done.

So here is a brief update on whats been happening, well not much actually I have just been trying to manage my Fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression. This combination is definitely a hard combination to handle.

Daily challenges with Fibromyalgia are pain, joint swelling, fibro fog, dry eye, insomnia,fatigue. just to mention a few symptoms.

Daily challenges with depression are just trying to find a reason to carry on.

Daily challenges with anxiety are trying to stop your thoughts running away and stay focused on what you are doing. Also insomnia is a problem.

This is a very simple list and may not sound like its hard work to deal with but it is a full time job. Everyone says live life one day at a time but sometime that is just to much so some times it has to be hour by hour or even minute by minute.

All we can do is keep putting one foot in front of each other.